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britany001: Do you have the link for dark?? If you do can you please send it to me?? Please???

abbieee23: hi how did u find han_rawrr ? I want to read her fanfic too but I can't find her! can u send me a link or something? I’m not sure if the link here works but you can copy and paste it anyways. Thanks for the question!!! :)

bailey-bear: you said you found hannah's tumblr? could you give me the link? i can't find it. and the dark fanfic i was reading just yesterday all of the sudden stopped working. it said "this url could not be complete led to something" and i got so mad. but .. the link please? I’m not sure if it’ll work, but that’s the link. Thanks for asking a question!!

dedicated-to-the-drummer: Can you send me the link foe Hannah's profile please please I will love you forever and ever!

yeah sure! I’m not sure if it'll work.

You can just copy and paste if it doesn’t work anyways. Thank you for the question!!

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